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We bridge the gap between the corporate meeting and spiritual living center—and everything in between! Our speakers are keen to deliver their messages to a changing world—a world where people need new ways of thinking, new tools for empowerment and success, and a new infusion of passion. Let us bring our dynamic and world-changing speakers to your venue!

“Conscious and Transformational Speakers worked closely with me to fill my 2016 engagement calendar with target markets. I was extremely pleased with how fast the turnaround was, how they secured the exact right locations and how effortless the process was. They really understood what I was trying to achieve and exceeded my expectations.” 

– The Book Whisperer Tom Bird, #1 Best Selling Amazon Author and renowned author mentor.



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“My experience with Conscious and Transformational Speakers has been excellent. I was very skeptical prior to signing on with Executive Director Sabrina Fritts, but my intuition said “lets sail on this ship.” As the first psychic/medium to sign on with the company, I have been impressed by Sabrina’s compassion and understanding that my particular healing tools differ from other inspiring healing speakers. She has been navigating through these seas brilliantly. Sabrina has been able to take my conceptual ideas from planning stages though implementation by adhering to my specific needs and soliciting reputable venues throughout the country where I can bring mediumship galleries, private sittings and workshops, as well as to serve spiritual churches. Sabrina is not only professional, but takes her position within the healing community with passion and compassion. She is highly respected in her field and an authentically beautiful soul. I highly recommend the company’s services, with Sabrina in the lead.”

– Deborah Livingston, Intuitive Medium, Author, Shaman Apprentice, Author of Strand of Pearls, One Woman’s Journey to Light and Peace


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